Bodybuilding; Expert Tips When It Comes To Bodybuilding

Establishing the perfect workout program to achieve your bodybuilding goals can seem tedious. You have to plan on the number of days you ought to be active, the type of exercises you will engage in, how long the rest periods should be etc. The information available on the Internet is overwhelming and beginners get overwhelmed trying to sift through what they should take and what should be left out. Therefore, here are quick tips to give you a jump-start in bodybuilding:

a) Focus on weight-bearing exercises

For maximum muscle gain, weight-bearing exercises should be done judiciously. You should be able to add more weight over time. No matter the principles you are using, there is no way you can gain more muscle mass if you are not making improvements on the weights you can comfortably lift.

When you reach a plateau phase and you cannot add more weight to what you are working with, that is the time to look for other alternatives. It means you need to increase the potential weight your body can handle.

b) Go one rep short

You do not have to keep pushing yourself until you are unable to lift anymore. Always go a rep short of your lift. This ensures you do not tire your central nervous system. If this system is pushed beyond what it can cope with, you will need long durations of rest to recuperate.

c) Work two muscle sets at a time

If your focus is on abs, do not just adopt exercises targeting your belly. Pick at least two muscles to work on. This is what is meant by compound exercises. Unless you are at the gym all through the day, you will waste a lot of time by focusing on a single muscle.


No matter how focused you are in bodybuilding, always remember to rest. Your muscles need this time to recuperate and grow.