ICAA Special Efforts for Hurricane Survivors

We are now collecting donations for shipments to special needs families affected by Hurricane Sandy.  We want to provide sensory friendly kits for families with autism. Kits will include weighted blankets, and other therapeutic items, to help people on the autism spectrum and their families cope with the stressful transitions in the aftermath of Sandy.  If you can help ensure families with autism receive this assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us and make a donation.  Smaller kits which include children’s sized blankets are $100. Larger kits which include larger blankets are $200.  This includes our shipping cost for the kits.  Kits will be delivered to approved, 501 (c)(3) area support organizations and local churches. If you are in an affected area, or know someone who is, please let us know your needs.  We hope to be able to deliver a little relief and help to at least 100 families. If the response is good, we will keep going!  What we need most are monetary donations, gift cards, or phone cards.  We have volunteers purchasing the therapy items and putting the kits together.

We encourage you to donate basic items such as water, canned goods, gas cans, books, toys, clothing, soap, medicines, and toiletries to the American Red Cross, YMCA, Salvation Army, local schools and churches in the affected areas where shelters, hospitals, and kitchens may be set up.

Please understand that autism families will need additional help with calming, sleep, coping with noises, light, smells,and the huge changes that are occurring.  Our kits are meant to help them get through each day a little easier.  All donations are used for this effort.  We are all volunteers, and we have no administrative costs associated with this drive other than shipping to the affected areas.  All donations are  tax deductible.

Hurricane Sandy images

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