ICAA Response to Joe Scarborough

The recent comments made by Joe Scarborough were a sad yet strong illustration of the prevailing  ignorance and bigotry in our culture regarding disabilities, specifically autism.  The ICAA has reached out to Mr. Scarborough through our ICAA Radio program, offering a unique opportunity to issue an apology, retraction or other statement to our community. Mr. Scarborough seems to be an otherwise thoughtful individual, who has been awarded authority and opportunity to voice his opinions to millions on a global scale. We hope that Mr. Scarborough will become better educated about autism, and gain some perspective. The marginalization of autistic people, and people with other disabilities, is equally outrageous to the marginalization of people with racial or other differences. Mr. Scarborough and others in the media would do well to join us in our efforts to make the world a better place, rather than continue as a part of the problem.

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9 Responses to ICAA Response to Joe Scarborough

  1. JEN says:

    Joe is swine. I never liked him and now it is even worse. How sad that he has these prejudices and he says he has a child on the spectrum. How must that child feel with such a bigoted parent! Thanks to your advocacy, media and others WILL start watching out and there will be an end to the abusive discrimination against people with autism. So thanks ICAA!

  2. lori says:

    Who care about Joe? He is ugly and everyone knows he is stupid. I want to hear more about Dave Glover tell you the truth. Is there a new date yet?

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  4. Scarborough is a WhackJob says:

    I cannot believe he is even still on air! He is boring and has no presence. That cardboard cutout sidekick of his is worthless too. Now they’re bigoted on top of everything else! Great. More autistic hate.

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  6. nuts says:

    Joe S is a nutbag. I dislike him as do most thinking individuals. The only thing that matters is that he be disallowed to promote that tripe. How does his kid feel with his dad’s attitude being thus? How sad!

  7. johnson says:

    Crystal, do you really think it’s cool to fire him though? Where do we draw a line from freedom of speech and these ignorant remarks? We have to educate but I am not sure if censoring is good.

  8. Crystal Parks says:

    Other news moderators have lost their jobs over discriminating and inaccurate comments such as this….think Don Imus with racial remarks. This is no different. It is not ignorance. It is arrogance and MSNBC needs to fire him!

  9. Donnie Pickles says:

    That is worse than racism. I feel sorry for his son who has to live with such ignorance from his own dad. WOW.

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