Mind the Gap in Education

tools for schoolsWe are close to our goal for the 2014–2015 School supply drive! The Mind the Gap in Education program is dedicated to helping make a difference in schools for all students, with all different abilities. Part of the program is our annual school supply and donation drive. This year, donations to the annual school supply drive will be sent to schools and classrooms throughout the St. Louis and surrounding metro areas.The school supply donation drives help schools in several ways:

  • Relieving some of the burdens of teachers. Each year, teachers spend money out of their own pockets for students’ supplies.
  • Helping kids with disabilities access more classroom time. Students with various disabilities and challenges can spend a significant amount of time away from classrooms with their peers. Some of our donated supplies can help ensure students are able to spend more time in the classroom.

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Education Equity Matters

Cokethea Hill, one of the speakers at this year's regional TASH event.

Cokethea Hill, one of the speakers at this year’s regional TASH event.

Education Equity Matters will be a one day conference at the University of Missouri–St. Louis on August 1. This is a regional TASH conference which will focus on evidence based practices in education for students with disabilities in inclusive settings.  For more details about this conference, see the flyer here: ST LOUIS CONFERENCE FLYER

There is a list of speakers for this year’s event, including Cokethea Hill, Graduate Research Assistant, SWIFT Center, Beach Center on Disability, University of Kansas. Professor Tim Lewis of University of Missouri–St. Louis will also speak. For additional registration, schedule, parking and accessibility details, click here.

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A Community of Allies

unitedforgoodOur community is vast and diverse, just like the spectrum that unites us. There isn’t one group or individual who represents us. There are several groups and individual activists who share similar missions to ours. We share a variety of links and reports that are relevant to our community. Sometimes we’re asked why we have shared a link or resource from different groups or individuals. We share things that may be helpful, informative, or somehow useful towards an overall mission of progress. Some groups or activists have a different focus than us. We’re not all the same and that’s fine. We celebrate diversity. It’s going to take all of us to make the changes we want to see in the world.  And if we are going to see progress in our lifetimes, we have to be a community of allies.

We have to find ways to work together. We can’t afford to spend time on petty differences. We can’t afford to allow our community divide itself. To do so will only benefit our oppressors. When the rest of the world misunderstands us and abuses or exploits our children or friends, we need to stand together, clinging to our shared vision of positive change. The mission we are on is far greater than ourselves. We must be constantly aware of this.

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